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What is a Mobile Phone Booster?

The main function of a mobile phone booster is to amplify the mobile signal of a phone or mobile data device. The mobile phone booster has two ports, one for connecting the mobile device and the other for connecting an external antenna. A signal booster is hard wired to your phone, unlike a repeater which communicates wirelessly.


Connecting a mobile device to the booster is done using a patch lead. With each device usually have its own unique external antenna port, you must find one that fits your device model.


Mobile Boosters include a amplifier module capable of providing a typical gain of 15-50dB. For a booster to work, there must be signal available at the antenna to amplify. If a mobile signal is not present the booster will not work.


Mobile Phone Boosters are often called inline amplifiers or cell phone boosters.

Are Mobile Phone Boosters Legal?

In Australia mobile phone boosters are banned devices and therefore not legal to use, sell or have in your possession.


The reason they are banned is the carriers have found a large number of cases where a booster has interfered with the normal operation of a mobile tower. They can sometime overload the base station with power, causing the tower to become blind and lower it’s own transmit power.


As a result the coverage area of the tower becomes greatly reduced and those on the outer area of reception no longer get a signal. By these people not having signal access to emergency services lives may be at risk and many people can be inconvenienced

Mobile Booster Setup


DO NOT USE THESE BRANDS IN AUSTRALIA – Up to a $250,000 fine can apply

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