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What is a Mobile Phone Repeater?

A mobile phone repeaters main function is to improve the signal inside a building. It does this by grabbing the outdoor signal, boosting it up and rebroadcasting indoors. A mobile repeater has two ports, one for connecting to an outside antenna and the other for connecting to an indoor antenna.


The outdoor antenna is usually mounted on the roof and pointed towards the tower to get the best possible input signal. The indoor antenna is located inside the building in a position where maximum coverage is achieved.


Mobile Boosters include a amplifier module capable of providing a typical gain of 40-100dB. For a repeater to work, there must be signal available at the antenna to amplify. If a mobile signal is not present the repeater will not work.

Mobile Phone Repeater can also be known as Cell Extenders, Cell Phone Repeaters or Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA).

Are Mobile Phone Repeaters Legal?

To use a mobile repeater in Australia you must first obtain permission from the carrier to operate it. If you operate a repeater or even possess a repeater with the intention of operating, and you do not have permission, it is considered to be an illegal device. There are large fines and individuals may face imprisonment for such offences.


Consumer Mobile Phone Repeaters are often very primitive devices, not made to compliment the normal operation of a mobile network. Often they can cause interference to base stations if not setup correctly. There are several cases in Australia where the carriers have identified consumer repeaters causing interference to the base stations nearby.

Mobile Repeater Setup